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There were boys there?! How the hell did I miss that??

Hey, Shivaun! Go you, writing for a living! That *is* my dream.

Guys, lighten up just a little - "Top 5 Excuses" suggests some levitt, a little tongue-in-cheek.

This was my first reunion, and excuses like your #3 would be part of how I was thinking. And yes, there were a lot of women there who are no bigger than they were in high school. But, maybe they work harder at it than I have. Maybe a few have health issues they'd gladly trade for a few extra pounds. Who knows?

I went to catch up and reconnect. For me - and I mean, for me, this is no passive-aggressive dig at anyone else- I finally realized that none of those people made me feel like the total dork I usually felt myself to be. That was mostly just me.

It was a good time. Melony did a GREAT job. I noticed you weren't there, when I thought about our lunch table, and when I remembered Ginny coaxing me to skip study hall and go to the shopping center. "Coaxed" because, you know, I could be a nervous dork.

So, it's great to see what you're doing. Hope you're well!

As one of the people responsible for putting this reunion together, the fact that any of you would sit home and judge 141 of your fellow classmates for celebrating life together is extremely sad. No worries though, none of you were missed. In fact, we were all there secretly judging you ;p CEC4EVER!!

I agree with Connie!! Bitter...table of one?

Sorry you're so bitter. .. everyone got together, had drinks, broke bread and reminiced about the good times they had in HS... it's a shame that you couldn't get past any bad times to catch up with anyone you may have liked back then. ...

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